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Historical Museum - Samokov

 Samokov occupies an undoubtedly worthy place in Bulgarian cultural history. With the creation of a museum collection in 1930 in the city was set the beginning of professional activities with the cultural and historical heritage of this Renaissance city.

In 1936 the museum was approved by regulations of the Ministry of Education. Under the expert guidance of the famous Bulgarian ethnographer Prof. Hristo Vakarelski in 1938 the first ethnographic exhibition was organized, and in 1940 the museum building was built according to the project of arch. Yu. Yurdanov. This is the first building in Bulgaria designed for a museum. The museum funds are completed with emblematic works of Samokov painters - icons and prints; with works of art crafts; with documents, photographs, contemporary art, finds from archeological excavations.

Since 1957, the museum has had a permanent exhibition. The creation of the museum institution in Samokov is due to the artists Naum Hadjimladenov, Pavel Frantsaliyski, Hristo Yonchev-Kriskarets, Prof. Vasil Zahariev, Slavi Genev, Georgi Belstoynev and the numerous donors. The permanent exhibition was renovated in 2007 after a major renovation of the museum building.