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Ice rink in winter

One of the winter attractions of the municipality of Samokov, which already has many fans is the ice rink. Throughout the winter season, it delights not only the kids, but also the older citizens and guests of Samokov. Even tourists from Borovets come down to use the facility. And this year the rink will provide winter fun, with prices remaining unchanged. Students will pay a total of BGN 4 for entrance and rental of skates. For adults the rental of skates is BGN 2.50, and the entrance - BGN 3.50. A weekly card for students is BGN 12, and for adults - BGN 20. The monthly cards for students cost BGN 24, and for adults - BGN 40. Participants in organized student groups will pay BGN 2.50 for entrance and skating, and BGN 3.50 if they are from another municipality.